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Facts on Credit Cards and Identity Theft Prevention

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Wherever you are, and whatever you are doing, you might have seen ads concerning identity theft prevention.

Identity theft prevention has become such a major issue, with the increasing risks involved in someone wrongfully using your identity.

If you become a victim of this situation, you will soon discover how serious it is. Once your identity has been taken, it takes a very long process, and is also time consuming, to redeem your name clean. This causes serious issues if you want to get financing or a loan for anything. In fact, even your identity has already been recovered you may still be feeling its adverse effects.

Many reports have been done on this phenomenon already, and they all show one thing very clearly. Credit card protection programs don’t often hold up very well when you need them most. Many individuals who have their identity stolen still end up with 20,000 or more dollars in debt remaining after they’ve employed all the “liability protection” programs they can, fixed every issue they can fix, and even after presenting solid proof that it was not them making a legitimate use of their card when the charges in question were made. It’s not fair, but it happens most of the time, and it may even happen to you.

Many people are pessimistic of the fact that one day; they may be a victim of this serious crime. In this case, there is a tendency for them to ignore identity theft preventions. You might think that identity theft is just a joke, but you’d be astonished at how desperate some criminals are. Anybody can become a target. Consider all the different ways in which you leave yourself exposed to the threat of identity theft, each and every day.

Every time you pay with your card at a restaurant, what can happen? The waiter or waitress comes and takes your card, vanishes into the back of the house for an indeterminate period of time, and then comes back. Everything seems okay, but what if it isn’t? They’ve just had access to your credit card numbers, expiration date and everything. If they asked to see your ID as well, as many do, then they’ve also had access to your birth date, address, and full name. You’ve just exposed yourself.

The most obvious step to protecting yourself is to not rely on your protection programs to save you. While they can cover some of the expenses you may end up facing, and it’s better to have them than not have them, you can’t count on them for everything; not by a long shot. Instead, you must become educated about the facts regarding identity theft and its preventions. Learn how to think like an identity thief. Learn the techniques and tactics employed by thieves when they steal your identity and then come up with new ways to subvert those techniques. It’s a dirty game in the world of finance right now, so you have to be on the lookout for yourself. It’s sad to say, but your financial future may well depend on it!

Understanding how and where a thief can get to your private information is best the preventive step in avoiding identity theft.

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