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How the Different Kinds of Identity Theft Harms You

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, November 9th, 2009

Many consumers right now wants to be excluded from being the next victim of identity theft. This is because of the fact that whenever a consumer becomes a victim of such a crime surely there would be a lot of inconveniences and disastrous consequences that he/she may experience. However, it is likewise true that even though you don’t want to become the next victim, still, there are chances that in fact you may encounter identity theft. In this case, knowing the facts about identity theft and learning how to prevent it better may mean the difference. 

However, many consumers are not aware of facts about identity theft, including its nature, how it is done, and most especially, how can it actually cause harm to you. Remember that there are many instances wherein consumers became victims of this crime just because they are ignorant of the facts about identity theft. Take note of the fact that in order for you to know how to prevent it, you must first know how the nature of this crime, as well as how it can harm you. Surely, knowing facts about identity theft is already a first step for prevention. 

Basically, identity theft is all about thieves stealing your identity. However, the sad fact is, there are still many kinds of identity theft. This is one of the most important facts about identity theft that you must know. Here then are some of the kinds of identity theft, as well as how it can actually harm you: 

  1. Credit Identity Theft
    This kind of identity theft involves thieves who are able to access your credit card number. In this case, thieves then are likewise able to access your own credit card account. In addition, they also can use it in all of the transactions that they actually want. Surely, this kind of identity theft poses a lot of risks to you. First, there is the danger that thieves may actually use up all of your finances and ruin your credit card account totally. Second, whenever you already have your credit card account ruined, most likely, you will face difficulties getting a new credit account or getting a new loan.
  2. Character Identity Theft
    In this kind of identity theft, thieves are able to use your name, and they have the necessary personal information to prove it. Surely, this poses a lot of risks to you and your reputation. One of the damages that it may bring to you is that thieves may actually commit crimes in your name. Surely, this would put criminal records in your name, ruining your reputation and involving you in troublesome court hearings. 
  3. Driver’s License Identity Theft
    In this kind of identity theft thieves are able to use your personal driver’s license account in their driving. Most likely, thieves hold possession of your driver’s license number among all other personal information. In this case, all traffic violations that the thief will commit is going to be recorded in your name. This will also result to you finding difficulties whenever you will renew your driver’s license. 
  4. Social Security Identity Theft
    In this case, thieves are able to have access to your social security account using your social security number. Surely, thieves will use this to channel all their taxes to your account, making you lose a lot of money.

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