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How These Facts Help You Prevent Identity Theft (Part 1)

By Amanda Randell
Published: Friday, November 13th, 2009

Surely, many consumers do not want to be the next victim of identity theft. Being a victim of identity theft actually pose many risks, and likewise brings a lot of problems, from economic insecurity to the degradation of your reputation. In this case, it is important for you to actually know the facts about identity theft. This is because it will surely help you in looking for the right ways in identity theft prevention. Here then are some important facts about identity theft, as well as how it can help you prevent it: 

Fact 1: Identity theft involves stealing your identity and using it in malicious transactions 

When you are talking about identity theft, obviously, it talks about thieves who are able to steal your identity. However, it may bring you more damage than you expected. Not only do identity thieves are able to use your personal financial accounts to their advantage. In addition, they may even do horrible crimes in your name. The bottom line is: not only do you suffer from being bankrupt, but also, you have risks of having our reputation tarnished due to criminal records against you. 

How it can help you: You must always be vigilant and concerned in protecting your identity. It does more damage than you expect. 

Fact 2: Most cases of identity theft involves consumers who are ignorant of facts about identity theft 

It is true that all consumers have chances of being a victim of identity theft. However, it is also true that there are a lot of consumers who are able to prevent it because they knew the facts about identity theft. In this case, better prevention may mean the difference between being a victim or not. And in reality, knowing such facts regarding this kind of crime will surely guide you in making preventing measures. 

How it can help you: Be patient and do your homework in knowing the facts about identity theft in order for you to prevent it effectively. 

Fact 3: There are different kinds of identity theft 

One of the most important facts about identity theft that you must not forget is that identity theft does not only come in a single from; on the contrary, it comes in many different kinds. Remember that consumers also maintain a lot of personal accounts such as credit card accounts as social security number accounts, among others. In this case, thieves have also been able to adapt to this situation, finding ways to steal all these identities. Here are the most common kinds of identity theft:

  • Driver’s license identity theft
  • Credit identity theft
  • Social security number identity theft
  • Character identity theft
  • Medical identity theft 

How it can help you:

Be sure to secure all kinds of sensitive information that belongs to you. Remember that there are a lot if ways how can your identity can be stolen, so it is better not to take chances. Doing this may mean the difference between being the next victim or not.

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