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How to Prevent Phishing Mails Effectively

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, December 27th, 2009

There are a lot of facts about identity theft that shows the connection between phishing mails and this crime. In facts, whenever people have divulged certain sensitive, personal information in such kind of mails, surely, this will likely lead to them being the next victim of identity theft. Of course, being a victim of identity theft will surely bring in economic harm and damage to your personal reputation. Therefore, whenever you want not to be a victim of identity theft, it is necessary that you must be able to avoid phishing mails.  

One of the most important facts about identity theft is that thieves are not able to steal your identity without having to get the necessary information that they need to access your personal accounts. Therefore, whenever they are going to steal another person’s identity, it is always necessary that thieves must be able to get the required personal information that they want. Here then comes the role of phishing mails. Phishing mails are actually used by thieves to hack information, and this is one of the facts about identity theft that you must not forget. 

Basically, phishing mails are kind of mails that have suspicious and false company brand names. These mails actually require you to fill up a certain info sheet. Thieves allure you to divulge such kinds if information in the info sheet by offering fabulous but fake online prizes. In this case, before you can claim your prize, phishing mails would require you to fill up an info sheet, making you divulge information. This is why one of the facts about identity theft indicates that phishing mails actually lead to identity theft. 

Given such facts about identity theft and its relation to phishing mails, surely, it is necessary for you to be able to know preventive measures to avoid these kinds of mails. In fact, preventive measures against phishing mails are also one effective measure against identity theft. Here then are some of these that you can consider: 

  • Check out whether the mail is legitimate or not. In this case, it is wise for you to always ensure whether the mail is really for you or not. In order for you to check this, try to take a look at the address and the name that it indicates. Whenever the mail has no address, it is already enough to convince yourself that it is a fraudulent mail. In addition, when it does not address you in your name, but only through “dear costumer,” surely, they are only used by identity thieves.  
  • Also, always care to follow the links that is indicated in the mail. Whenever the links indicated in the mail follows a specific legal website that is truly the company’s, then, it may be a legit company. However, when the links actually take you into another site, surely, it is a fraud. Learn from the facts about identity theft; do not just fall into the trap of these phishing mails. This may prove to be the difference between being the next victim or not.

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