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Knowing the Basics of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Everyday, thousands and thousands of people have their identities stolen. To some people, identity theft is not that much of a threat but that’s only because they don’t know what they could lose or be losing. It is very important for people to know some of the facts about identity theft to keep them secure.

Here are a few facts about identity theft to further enhance your knowledge on the term and to help you be more aware in case you become a target of an identity thief. These facts about identity theft include the risks involved when your identity is stolen, the different styles of identity theft, and what is identity theft.

What is identity theft?

Identity theft is a form of dishonesty where someone takes your identity and uses it to his or her own benefit. This is most present in the internet since it could hold all kinds of different databases containing valuable information about a person. The risks could be very devastating to a person depending on what kind of information was taken from the victim.

What could you be losing when you become a victim of Identity theft?

Many things could be at risk when one’s identity has been stolen. Depending on what kind of information was taken, whether it was your Driver’s license, your identification card, your bank account, or even your E-mail account a person could lose many things. For one, the thief could alter information saved on your account and change it with false facts. The worst a thief could do is steal money from your bank accounts. Let’s also note the trauma the victim would go through after such an ordeal.

How does someone become a victim of Identity theft?

You can easily become a victim of identity theft if you’re careless. One of the common facts about identity theft is that identity theft is ever so present in the internet. A mistake often observed in the internet that many people do is not logging out their accounts in the internet before leaving their computer unattended. Just leaving your personal belongings unattended could be an opportunity for the Identity thief.

Other people can become a victim through false promos which are very evident in the internet and through text messaging. It’s very common for a person to receive a message telling him that he just won in a certain promo. The message then tells him to send in his bank account number or whatever information needed to get his prize. Little does that person know that he is being scammed by a certain identity thief. This so called technique is called phishing.

Identity theft can also be present through people just trying to hack into other people’s accounts. Hackers could try guessing your password and account or they could make use of illegal programs made for hacking into personal information.

It is essential for one to know these facts about identity theft so as to prepare for situations like the ones stated above and so as to keep them aware of it at all times.

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