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Learn and Understand the Basics Identity Theft to Avoid Disasters

By Amanda Randell
Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2009

What is Identity Theft?

Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the USA. It involves a person who uses your name for purposes which could give you financial hardships. Instead of providing the real and accurate information for their identities, yours is used.

What are the types of Identity Theft?

There are many types of identity theft. All of which you should get identity theft protection. Here are some:

  • Driver’s License Identity Theft – This would put you in the charges for the violation of traffic laws instead of the real offender. It could nullify your license.
  • Credit Identity Theft – In this case, the thief makes use of your name as the one who would take loans instead of the real person. Then the bills become yours to pay while the thief enjoys a full loan without payment.
  • Social Security Number Identity Theft – Your SSN would be used when the person applies for a job. The salary would come to him but your name is written. The taxes you have to pay will grow without getting salary.
  • Medical Identity Theft – This would be used for consultations, prescriptions, and treatments for free. The insurance you have would be used by another person through giving your information. You can lose your coverage here.
  • Character Identity Theft – This involves crimes. Instead of the real offender be blamed, you will be subject to subpoena and then you would face charges. This is a hassle and would stain your criminal record.

Who are involved in identity theft?

Everyone is affected by it. All people who have their personal information in the hands of other people are at risk of having their identities stolen. This is why identity theft prevention is essential to everyone.

How common is identity theft?

According to studies by the Identity Theft Resource Center, people get their identities stolen every second. Studies show that one person every 3 seconds would have his identity exposed to thieves. An average of 27,000 people is being pilfered of their identities daily in the United States alone.

How is Identity Theft done?

The most common way of identity theft is through the internet. Viruses are put in documents, attachments, and applications which could be downloaded. The downloaded files, when accessed, would release the virus to get your information in your computer. Another way would be through phishing mails, or fraud phone calls.

How do you get identity theft protection?

Basically, ways of protecting yourself are more likely identity theft prevention tips. The internet caters a lot of tips to do so. One way would be through keeping your antivirus software up to date. Most cases of identity theft occur online. Filter phishing mails through confirming with the company if they really are asking you personal information by phone calls to their official hotlines. There are others more which can be accessed online.

Basically, everyone needs identity theft prevention since all the people of the world are susceptible to this. If ignored, it could lead to drastic financial hardships.

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