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Learn and Understand the Types of Identity Theft to Avoid Disasters

By Amanda Randell
Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2009

With the fast paced progress of the world and its virtual counterpart, the internet, we should be able to know identity theft. Also, it is always a must to have identity theft protection since it could lead to disasters.

 Basically, it can be the worst crime you can ever experience. Being a victim of the identity thieves could lead to grave consequences – particularly financial problems. Many people have suffered and have been suffering the downsides of being victims of this crime.

 Identity theft is the use of your own personal identity by another person for wicked reasons and without your consent. It is simply your identity being used by another person in a lot of things. It can come in many forms such as: 

  • Driver’s License Identity Theft – In its simplest sense, it involves the driver’s license. This works when a person commits a traffic law violation. The involved person then steals your identity through your name being put up for the violation. Everything involved in the legal cases would be in your name. You are the one in trouble. You could have your license invalidated for that when, for example, a person in Iowa commits a traffic violation. You live in Oregon. You cannot renew your license since you have a pending case in another state. Thus, you are subject to court trials. You would want to have identity theft prevention before this happens.
  • Medical Identity Theft – Medical record is jeopardized here. A way of stealing medical identity is through your insurance plans. The thief would use your name and your insurance in order to get free treatment and consultation. You can lose your coverage sue to fraud information or you can be denied of being able to use it when the time of need arises. Emergency situations can be endangered more.
  • Character Identity Theft – This is one big type of theft wherein you would really seek identity theft protection. In this case, the thief uses your name when committing crimes of different kinds and levels. For example, a thief used your identity in giving away bouncing checks. In turn, your reputation is risked and your criminal record is stained. Also, it would be a hassle to hire an attorney, go to court, face charges, and even spend some jail time when you are found guilty. It would waster your time and money.
  • Social Security Number Identity Theft – This could be drastic. Thousands of dollars can be charged into your taxes. Basically, this is commonly used in cases of tax evasion. It is not the conventional tax evasion but the thief uses your identity on his job. When he gets employed, your name would catch all the taxes while the thief would have the salary 100%. Also, your benefits can be removed because of this.
  • Credit Identity Theft – This would directly affect your credit score and leave you with debts to pay. Simply put, the thief here would use your name to get financial benefits from money lending companies. He would acquire loans and services which he would not pay for. Thus, the blame would be put to you for not paying the bills. Credit score goes down.

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