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Quick Steps to Follow in Case of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, December 27th, 2009

In every three seconds, there is an identity that o stolen by identity thieves. Whenever you try to compute, such facts about identity theft shows that there are actually 27,000 cases of this specific kind of crime in every single day. And being the next victim surely brings in many problematic situations ahead. Whenever you will be the next victim of this crime, facts about identity theft shows that it is likely that you will suffer economic loss, destroyed reputation, and bothersome and costly lawsuits all at the same time. 

Therefore, it is important that you must react quickly whenever you become a victim of this crime. The sad fact is, many consumers actually is ignorant of facts about identity theft, wherein whenever it happens to them they are unaware of the steps that they must do. The longer the time it takes for cases of identity theft to be reported, the higher the risk that is involved for you to witness your finances dried up, have your reputation destroyed, and witness your credibility lost. 

Given such facts about identity theft, it is then important that you just know the quick steps that you must do before it is too late. Here are the step by step things that you must be able to do whenever you want to avoid the worst to come: 

  • Remember that there is a government agency that you can refer to whenever you become a victim of identity theft, and it is there with a purpose. This is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). When you report to the FTC immediately and alert them that your identity is actually stolen, they can help you to make a fast move of canceling all of your credit account so that thieves would not be able to steal it.  
  • To not forget to tell the police. The police are there to help you in times of emergency, especially in a crime like identity theft. Whenever you are able to alert the police in cases if identity theft, they can actually help you in alerting all of your financial agencies as well, alerting them that the one making transactions in your name is not you. At the same time, it also helps the authorities investigate and catch the identity thieves right away.  
  • It is very important for you to tell your creditors. A lot of facts about identity theft actually indicate that people who became victims of this kind of crime actually reported it to their creditors a little too late. In this case, it surely takes a toll in your finances. Whenever you are bale to report it immediately to your creditors, surely, you can heal the damage before it grows out of control.  
  • Always care enough to check how your identity is stolen. Whether it was through your credit card number, or your bank account, or even your driver’s license, you must learn your lessons so that it won’t be repeated. This would help you prevent it in the future, and will help investigators as well.

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