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The Different Kinds of Credit Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, January 11th, 2010

Identity Theft comes in different kinds. This is the reason why this kind of crime is very difficult to stop. I addition it is also true that not many people are well aware of the facts about identity theft. This likewise makes them very vulnerable to be the next victim. Of course, no person would want to become the next victim of this crime. Therefore, looking for the right identity theft prevention tips is a very necessary task to do. The saying prevention is better than cure” is also true to identity theft. In this case, knowing facts about identity theft is a necessary preventive measure. 

Surely, when you are able to know the different kinds of identity theft, it will help you prevent this crime better. This is because such facts about identity theft actually tell you the things that you must expect, as well as what are the measures that you must take whenever this crime happens to you. Take a look then at the following facts about identity theft, specifically regarding its different kinds, and how can it bring damage to you, your money, and your reputation. Knowing this will make you have a big advantage. 

There are 4 main kinds of identity theft. These are the credit card fraud, phone and utilities fraud, bank or finance fraud, and government documents fraud. These different kinds of identity theft surely brings you a lot of damage; however, there are a lot of specific characteristics of each that you must know before you can be able to prevent it effectively. 

When you credit card is stolen, there are three things that a thief can do. 

They will use your credit card for their own advantages. In this case, they will actually use your credit card account in all of their financial transactions, making you find yourself in a very miserable financial situation. So make sure that you act quickly after losing your credit card. All your money can all go down the drain in a single day. 

Then they can get another credit card in your name. In this case, thieves will be able to apply for a new credit card account, get it under your identity, and you surely would have a difficult time to check on it. 

What identity thieves do so you would not notice that your money is being spent by another person is to change your billing address. In this case, they will still use your same old credit card account. However, you will surely lose track of the bills incurred, because of the fact that they will change the address. In this case, they will make you pile up a lot of debt before you even know it. 

In this case, given such facts about identity theft, the best thing that you can do is for you to protect your credit card number at all times. This will surely make you become better in protecting your identity. In addition always check your credit report; this will help you monitor your bills.

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