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The How’s and Whys of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Friday, December 25th, 2009

Whenever you want yourself to be protected from the crime of identity theft, it is necessary that you must know the nature of this crime, including why it is done and how it is done. The sad thing is, a lot of Americans are ignorant in the facts about identity theft, which actually makes them very susceptible to this crime. In this case, whenever you do not care enough to know very well important facts about identity theft, it is very likely that you will be among the 27,000 daily victims of identity theft worldwide. 

Here then are some important how’s and whys that you must learn regarding identity theft. This will surely help you in protecting yourself in this very horrible kind of crime. Remember that whenever you will be a victim of identity theft, not only would you suffer economic damage; in addition, having your personal reputation tarnished is a very likely end for you. Facts about identity theft have actually shown that there are a lot of people who already experienced untold sufferings because of this crime. Taking note of the following helps you prevent such sufferings. 

The How’s: 

  • Identity theft is a crime that deals with thieves who are able to steal your identity and use this in stealing your money, getting benefits from your insurance, channelling taxes to your account, tarnishing your driver’s license with bad records, and worse, do crimes in your name. Basically, thieves are able to steal your identity by getting the required information to access them. Whenever thieves would hold possession of important and sensitive personal information from you, facts about identity theft shows that you are a very likely victim.  
  • One of the most common information that is involved in identity theft is your credit card number, your social security number, your Personal Identification Number or your PIN, your driver’s licence number, your whole name and name of close relatives, your bank account number, and even your medical insurance number. Remember that when thieves are able to know these types of information, surely, they can access your different personal accounts and use them for their advantage.  
  • There are a lot of ways how can identity thieves actually steal your identity. One way is through the internet. There are a lot of identity thieves who have actually taken advantage of the development of technology for them to steal your identity. Usually, identity thieves hack the databases of different agencies to steal identities. In addition, they also sort out your mailbox and even your garbage bin, just for them to steal your identity.  

The Whys: 

  • Of course, the basic reason why thieves would like to steal your identity is because of the fact they can be able to access your personal financial accounts and steal your money. In addition, there are also low chances that such identity thieves would be caught in a short period of time. Facts about identity theft shows that it takes time before thieves can be caught.

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