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Tips in Preventing the Different Kinds of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Wednesday, November 11th, 2009

Being a victim of identity theft surely brings in many troubles. Whenever you are involved in this kind of crime, surely, there are a lot of things that would be damaged, from your financial security to your well guarded reputation. In this case, you must be able to remember that most victims of this crime became such because they are even ignorant of the facts about identity theft. This is a very delicate situation. Being ignorant of the facts about identity theft would surely make you very vulnerable consumer to this kind of crime. It is then important for you not to take risks. 

As said by the ancient Chinese sage Sun Tzu: “know your enemy.” In this case, it is likewise important for you to know the facts about identity theft, in order for you to prevent it effectively. 

One of the saddest facts about identity theft is that it comes in many different kinds. Here then are some of them, as well as the tips on how top prevent them: 

  1. Social Security Number Identity Theft
    This is a kind of identity theft that involves thieves who are able to steal your identity through using your social security number. Usually, they apply for a job using your identity. The time that they are accepted, they will then channel all their taxes to your social security account. In this case, you are losing money while they are enjoying their salary. Here are tips to prevent them:

    • Always secure your social security number
    • Do not divulge your social security number to malicious transactions or unauthorized individuals
    • Remember to properly dispose all documents that contains your social security number properly 
  2. Driver’s License Identity Theft
    Usually, this kind of identity theft harms your possibilities of renewing your license. This is because thieves will use your license for every traffic violation that they will commit. In addition, all of the penalties and consequences involved will be channelled to you. Here then are tips to prevent it:

    • Do not divulge your driver’s license number to unauthorized persons
    • Only divulge your driver’s license number to proper authorities like traffic enforcers or licence bureaus
    • Avoid spam emails that requires you to give your license number
  3. Medical Identity Theft
    This is the kind of identity theft that involves thieves being able to use your medical insurance coverage to pay for their respective treatments and consultations. This may invalidate your insurance in times of emergencies. Here are some helpful tips to avoid it:

    • Always secure your sensitive personal information
    • Monitor your medical insurance adequately
    • Be sure to shred unnecessary documents that contains information regarding your medical insurance
  4. Character Identity Theft
    This includes situations wherein thieves are able to literally use your identity in committing crimes such as issuing bouncing checks or swindling. This may put you into problematic lawsuits and tarnish your reputation through additional criminal records. Follow then these tips:

    • Shred all documents that contains sensitive personal information
    • Always secure your personal information
    • Update your antivirus to filter spam mails that are used by thieves

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