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Ways in Effectively Preventing Character Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, November 22nd, 2009

Surely, a lot of people want to be exempted from being a victim of identity theft. This is due to the fact that whenever you experience identity theft, surely you will be a very unlucky person. Just imagine having your identity stolen. You may not control the thieves to prevent them from abusing your financial account, use up all of your finances, or worse, do horrible crimes and violations all under your name. However, you cannot control thieves to exempt you from this crime; only buy knowing facts about identity theft and preventing it effectively can you be sure enough. 

However, it is also true that most of consumers right now are not actually aware even with the most basic facts about identity theft. This is the main reason why they may become very vulnerable to this kind of crime. Surely, without having proper knowledge of facts about identity theft, in no way can you expect yourself preventing effectively. Surely, every consumer has chances of being a victim of identity theft; however, knowing how to prevent it effectively may mean the difference between being a victim or not. 

Basically, identity theft is a crime that involves thieves stealing your identity. One of the sad facts about identity theft is that it actually comes in many different kinds of forms. This is due to the fact that it is common for consumers to have different identities. Speaking of identity in this context mean your medical identity, insurance identity and credit card identity, among others. in this case one of the most harmful kinds of identity theft that you may experience is character identity theft. 

Character identity theft involves thieves literally stealing your identity. This is because such thieves literally use your name. Obviously, one of the most important indicators of your identity is your name. This is the reason why in fact, it actually poses harm for you. Keep in mind that in character identity theft, all the bad things that thieves will be committing will be dine under your name. Surely, there is also the possibility that thieves would be doing horrible crimes, and sad to say, you are the one who will suffer. 

Thieves that have stolen your name and have ways to do it can make a lot of terrible things that would surely end you up devastated. In this case, thieves may be able to give bouncing checks to banks, and withdraw money, using your name. This will surely land you up in prison. In addition, thieves may also damage your reputation by putting criminal records on your name. Worse, it may actually lead you to jail in crimes that you did not actually commit. 

Given these facts about identity theft, here then are some things to do when you want to prevent it effectively: 

  • Always secure your personal information; only give it to proper authorities, and not to people with malicious intent
  • Your Social Security Number and your Personal Identification Number must have extra care and security; these are the numbers that may add credibility to thieves who have stolen your identity
  • Do not just involve in malicious transactions where such information is needed; usually, it is only a trap set up by identity thieves

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