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Arm yourself against Identity Theft!

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, March 22nd, 2010

With the advent of the internet and fast rise of technology, identity theft has become too common and widespread. The Identity Theft Resource Center says that an average of 27,000 people lose their identities to thieves every second in the United States alone! Since almost every home in the US has its own computer and internet connection, and since almost everyone is subject to having records of all kinds, this is not hard to believe. 

What is Identity Theft? 

Basically, identity theft means losing your very significant information to somebody else, which is why identity theft protection is very important. The types of identity theft are:

  • Driver’s License Identity Theft – Having your Driver’s License information stolen could allow the offender to commit traffic violations without getting the blame. Instead, you reap the consequences, the worst of which could be the invalidation of your Driver’s License.
  • Social Security Number Identity Theft – The offender uses your SSN when applying for a job, leaving all the taxes in thousands of dollars to you. Meanwhile, the offender takes all the salary and enjoys the benefits which are rightly yours. This is very common in tax evasion cases.
  • Credit Identity Theft – The thief here uses your name and credit account to get loans and services from money lending companies. Needless to say, the debts which could amount to thousands are left to your name. You would want identity theft prevention before this happens.
  • Medical Identity Theft – In this case, the thief uses your insurance and medical benefits to get free prescriptions, treatments and consultations. You may have your medical identity record stolen through your insurance plans. This is dire; you could be denied benefits in times of emergency.
  • Character Identity Theft – This could be the worse possible scenario which would really prompt you to seek identity theft protection. Simply put, your entire identity as a person is stolen. The offender commits crimes in your name. You will have to face charges you did not commit and will have to money and time. More importantly, your reputation is tarnished.  

How do you protect yourself from identity thieves? 

  • Enlist your computer to identity theft protection programs from trusted companies. They would keep your computers hack free and safe. In any case, always be wary of giving and entering information such as your credit card number in websites which do not look trustworthy. Confirm the website with the company first by phone. Be careful of giving information on the phone though, in case of eavesdroppers.
  • Update your antivirus system to prevent hackers and viruses from stealing vital information for identity theft prevention. Keep you email and other website memberships up to date.
  • Ask for written documentation and contracts from companies requiring personal information. This would ensure the company’s credibility and would ensure your safety from thieves. If they refuse to do so, you might want to think twice about transacting business with them. Always be discreet. Do not give more information than what is needed.

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