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Easy steps for preventing the identity theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, July 15th, 2012

The last few years have been extremely difficult for numerous people. All the problems started with the huge financial crisis and things just got from bad to worse in a matter of months. There are numerous people who lost their jobs, people who found it and are still finding it difficult to pay their bills, people who simply don’t earn enough in order to love a decent life. Seeing all these things around you, it is no wonder that more and more people are now trying any way of gaining some extra money, even though that way of earning some extra money is not legal. The identity theft, for example, has become a huge problem in the last few years. Having your identity stole is going to bring you numerous problems, so it is recommended to do everything that stands in your power in order to prevent and to avoid the identity theft.

Some simple precautions will surely keep you away from a lot of problems and will help you avoid someone else cashing in your income. One of the most important precautions has the PIN number in its center. I am sure that you have already heard about the fact that there are numerous people who have been stolen all the money they had on their credit cards because someone watched them while they were using an ATM in order to get some cash. You have to pay a lot of attention while you are using the ATM because someone might see your PIN number and use it just minutes after you have used it. Memorize the PIN number, as it is only four digits and if this is not possible, make sure you don’t write it down on your card. What if you lose your card or someone steals it from you? Having the PIN number on it means that you are a sure victim. Banks and financial institutions even recommend their clients to change the passwords on a regular basis.

Another thing that you should take into account while trying to avoid the identity theft is your mailbox. If you are a person who receives numerous emails on a regular basis and this suddenly stops, you might become the victim of an identity theft in the following days. There are programs and applications that can be used in order to have your emails delivered elsewhere; in this way, the thieve starts reading your mail without even breaking your password and can find personal information that will prove to be useful at a bank or in a financial institution. Checking the credit report on a regular basis is another thing that you should do in order to prevent the identity theft. Having a credit report will help you track any transactions that have not been authorized by you.

Do all these and it is clear that preventing the identity theft will be much easier for you. There are numerous people who already do these on a regular basis and they have never become victims of identity theft.

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