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Fall Not as the Next Identity Theft Victim

By Amanda Randell
Published: Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Identity theft is not new news to a lot of us. Even before the birth of the internet, such crime had already been common but became more sophisticated as technology gets better. Regardless of the damages it brings to people, the number of cases has grown drastically over a period of time.

But why do people steal identity leaving the owner with nothing but problem and debts?  Checking the records of the Federal Trade Commission, you would learn that majority of the complaints it receives are related to identities getting stolen.

Obviously, one’s poor economic situation is the greatest factor. Out of desperation to source out money, a lot of people consider using other people’s identity as an easy and sure way to finally get that money or obtain goods and services. Everyone needs money to sustain their living but while other people work so hard turning days into night and nights into days, here goes the evil thieves enjoying the money you worked for-a very saddening fact but seemingly impossible to stop.

Despite the many reports and the alarming increase of Identity theft cases, this kind of ‘business’ still continue to perish. Why? It is because there are no strict rules yet that punishes identity thieves and that not a lot are really serious in fighting against this fraudulent act. In addition, the World Wide Web is a domain that could not be controlled by just one country or monitoring body. Thus, giving a free and wide place to carry on with all activities and forms of Identity theft.

While it is true that technology can play a major part in carrying out this crime, it still is our responsibility to keep our records safely and carefully. Never ever give out any of your personal information especially credit card and social security numbers to unsecured sites, be very careful with answering emails asking for your information and keep documents like receipts and id’s at the safest places possible. When there are some of your stuff that had been lost or stolen which bears some of your personal information, report it so the thief would have not a single way to make use of it; to enjoy and spend at your expense. Besides, you would not like any stranger enjoying your hard-earned money.

If you wanted to know more, there are some online resources about almost everything that you wanted to learn about Identity theft. If you may wish, there are also some companies that provide protection against Identity theft.  It would be better for you to invest a little for your protection than end up losing more. Just bear in mind though that do a wise shopping and comparison before you finally use and pay for the service; the company’s reputation plays the most important role.

Again be reminded that the net is the place where these thieves choose to carry out their crimes and you may still likely to fall for a bogus company; check out its legitimacy first.

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