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How an Identity theft occurs

By Amanda Randell
Published: Thursday, May 29th, 2014

Identity theft is a fraudulent acquisition that occurs when some person uses another person’s identifying information, such as name, driving license number, social security number or credit card number without his permission. The personal information of another person is used to gain financial access, or to commit other crimes and frauds. In short terms, identity theft is a crime. The victim can suffer from adverse consequences of actions done by the perpetrator. Often the innocent people are arrested because some other persons do heinous crimes on their identity.

Ways to steal the identity:

Some ways to steal identity are – electronic transactions or business transactions. A thief takes away the identity from old documents with important information, and he may set up some fraudulent deals of real estate and business, or hacking of websites. The stolen credit cards are used by the thief to withdraw a huge amount of money, or he may apply for some huge loans. Many times, victims are not aware of this theft, and they come to know only when they open their credit card statements or bank statements. In many cases, the thieves inform the banks to change the address, so that the victim is unable to use the account. When a thief opens up a bank account using fake papers of stolen identity, he gets fake identification in the name of victim. Then that identity is used to sign huge checks, sign big deals or legal processing. This fake identity is used to get out of any sort of trouble as the thief will never be caught using some other person’s name.

Sometimes, the criminals go through the garbage cans of community to get credit card statements or the copies of thrown away checks, or any documents with a person’s name, telephone and address on it. He may use this information to get control over the victim’s accounts.

Types of identity thefts:

  1. Criminal identity theft: The criminal acts as another person, when he is exposed to crime.
  2. Financial identity theft: The criminal uses another person’s credit card to get loans, money or other services.
  3. Identity cloning: The thief uses another person’s information and identity as an important document in his daily life.
  4. Medical identity theft: Another person’s medical card is used to get medical services and drugs.
  5. Child identity theft: It is the most undetected identity theft, where the children’s social security card is used by the criminal for various purposes. And the problem does not come into notice as these cards are not used by children for many years.

Protect your identity theft with diligence, smart use of internet and careful business practices.

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