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How to Prevent your Credit Cards, Social Security Number and Financial Transactions from Becoming a Victim of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, October 19th, 2009

When someone uses your identity to get access to your finances and special privileges, that is identity theft. The best thing to do is to have sufficient knowledge on how to fight identity thieves and lower risks of becoming a victim. You have to take precautions through effective identity theft prevention measures.

Your Social Security number, name and address are the main target of identity thieves. You may wonder how thieves can know your personal information, but doing that unscrupulous job is very easy. By just using your easily accessible public records, they can learn your place of employment, date of birth and mother’s maiden name plus they can open up an account from your credit card and use up all your money.

Identity theft prevention is best and feasible if you know how to do it yourself. If your wallet or envelope containing pertinent papers and important documents gets lost, take the necessary precautions already.  Identity thieves might have the opportunity to obtain what personal information they need to get from these things.

To have identity theft prevention for your credit cards, you should ask the stores at which you are applying for credit how they secure your applications for credit. You should also ask businesses how they keep and dispose of credit card transaction slips and ensure that proper safeguards are in place. Of course, you should never mention credit card numbers or your other personal identification to anyone you cannot trust.

You should also be aware about identity theft prevention for your Social Security number because it is the main key to the safety of your credit. Anyone who successfully obtains your own Social Security number can easily wreak havoc in your credit that will take years to resolve.

Therefore, you should not carry documents containing your Social Security number, Social Security card and other insurance cards. Make sure that not to disclose your Social Security number to anyone by telephone even if you were the one who initiated the call. If you are making transactions through checks, do not write there your Social Security Number.

Financial transactions are normal parts of our daily lives, but identity thieves can also steal your personal information through these transactions, so there is also a need to be knowledgeable about identity theft prevention in financial transactions.

You can ask your bank or credit union to add additional security protection to your account. Most will allow the use of a special code or password to carry out financial transactions, especially withdrawals. Make sure that you already memorized your ATM number and password.

Being safe does not cost too much, so it is better to prevent identity theft to happen to you before it is too late. Otherwise identity thieves will destroy your life. Identity thieves can easily destroy all your hard earned cash and savings in just a glimpse on an eye while you will take years, hard effort, and money recovering from the damage. Don’t take risks. Be vigilant against identify thieves.

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