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Identity Theft Prevention by Knowing the Five Categories of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

There are different kinds of identity theft. Identity theft does not actually mean stealing only the identity of a single individual. Identity theft can take the identity of a company or an organization. But this is only one kind of identity theft there are others that we need to protect.

There are basically five categories of identity theft and we need to know them in order to plan better identity theft prevention measures that we should use to protect ourselves. These five are the business identity theft, criminal identity theft, financial identity theft, identity cloning and medical identity theft.

Business identity theft is using another business or organization’s name in order to obtain credit and information. These kinds of identity thieves may have other purposes in targeting a group of people and it is very difficult to determine this purpose. Business identity theft affects the lives of the people of everyone in the organization or group. Identity theft prevention in these kinds of situations is difficult to do because organizations and businesses are public information.

Some criminals assume a variety of identities or they could simply steal another’s identity to protect their real one. First time criminals are the ones who usually employ this kind of identity theft and it is relatively easy to verify and ourselves from this kind of attacks. This kind of identity theft usually is harmless and repairable.

Financial identity theft is stealing identity in order to have access into your financial life. They steal your personal identification data and use it to access your different accounts. This is one of the most difficult identity theft cases because many financial institutions simply identify their clients with the personal information that their clients give to them and the personal information that they gave to their clients. Better identity theft prevention measures here should be put into place.

Identity cloning happens when another person steals another one’s identity and uses it for their everyday lives. The usual kind of people that employ this kind of identity theft may have a psychological problem or they may also be very dangerous people. This is also another identity theft case that is difficult to prevent especially in the second instance because of the obvious danger that it comes with.

The last category is the identity theft that steals a person’s medical identity. They may use names of doctors and other authorized personnel or even common people in order to acquire prescription drugs and/or medical assistance.

These are the five basic categories of identity theft cases. There are different identity theft prevention measures for many of them but the main thing for us to do is to protect ourselves first. Secure all important personal information and limit its use. Remember that what identity thieves really need is information about their victims in order to successfully steal their identities. The best identity theft prevention measure is to not give them the chance to get their hands on your very important information. Protect yourself and your family from the ever existing threat of identity theft.

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