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The New Dangers of Identity theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, February 22nd, 2010

Identity theft is a new type of crime that is spreading around many countries in different corners of the globe. Because of the internet, communication and dissemination of information could not have been any faster than in any point in human development. Mails that would normally take months to circle from one end of the country to another can now just take seconds to circulate the globe a number of times. This information superhighway has triggered a new dawn on how we make transactions, communicate and basically, how we live our lives.

But with this, also comes a negative aspect. As information can be accessed at such amazing speeds, it can be stolen almost as quickly. Identity theft is a crime that has already existed even before the internet.

The crime consisted of people relying on small pieces of information from a person in order for the identity thief to claim the victim’s identity. The classic cases of identity theft couldn’t go too far mainly because many of those transactions during the day require your physical presence in order to make transactions. This added greatly to the risk factor of identity theft and therefore limited this crime to only the very skilled of con artists. This made identity theft prevention not really a necessity.

The World Wide Web changed all that because transactions no longer need to be face to face. The problem here is that identity theft prevention wasn’t taken into account. Many banks and credit companies are now digitalized and therefore equate your different numbers such as your social security numbers and credit card numbers as your new face. This is a more convenient process of making transactions, but is also more risky. Identity theft usually occurs to people who do not take proper care of their SSNs and credit card numbers.  

Because of the internet, Identity theft can now be performed by almost anyone who has a small piece of information about a person. The process of identity theft has been simplified because of society’s reliance on numbers and computers and the lack of identity theft prevention. Those who rely heavily on computers to make transactions are more susceptible to identity theft.

 Identity theft is not considered a serious problem in many countries. But this does not mean that it isn’t. Many people loose thousands of dollars because of this. And by the time they discover that they are a victim of identity theft and report it to the police, the trail is already long cold. Identity theft is also one of the fastest rising crimes in the United States, performed not only by adults but a good number of teenagers as well. This is why we should up our identity theft prevention.

Some identity theft prevention tips are as follows; it is always a good idea to be careful of where you put important numbers and passwords. You should also be extra careful when using public computers and make sure that you sign out from all accounts that you have been using. Carelessness to do so can result in dire consequences. In this day and age, information is the new wallet, and your email accounts are its pocket. Keep all information safe like how you would do with actual money. The last thing you would want is to wind up as the next victim of identity theft.

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