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Wasn’t Me! How to Avoid Being Framed By Identity Thieves

By Amanda Randell
Published: Tuesday, November 15th, 2011

You finally receive a copy of your credit report. You realize there’s something weird about it. You find several expensive items on your list of expenses. You never bought an expensive coat at the mall last week nor did you eat cake at a high class restaurant, but here is a file telling you that you did. How can this be?!

Well dear friend, such situations can strike us when we aren’t looking! You could be an unlucky victim of credit identity theft.

There are many types of identity theft in the metro, some even more dangerous than you think. But one of the most alarming forms of fraud is credit identity theft.

Now, what is credit identity theft? It is when a third party (aside from you and the credit report company), gets a hold of your personal information and uses it to commit credit fraud. This person steals from your bank accounts through different purchases and doing different transactions with your name on it and without you knowing.

This can be very damaging to your reputation as a buyer because you can even be framed by this person’s actions.

This can lead to different financial problems and many different crimes, which is why you must protect yourself from it at all costs.

Here are some tips on how you avoid being framed by Identity Thieves:

1. Identity theft check- it is not enough to keep your personal information safe. With the evolution of technology, skilled identity thieves can get information through many different mediums, which is why professional services against these types of situations are a must. Find out the best protection services online and consider having these as soon as possible.

2. Review Your Credit Report- being in the known and hands-on in handling your money takes down the risk of being a victim. Why? Because being able to view your credit report gives you the power to monitor which business transactions and purchases are done by you and which are questionable and suspicious. By being updated with your financial state, not only are you protected from identity thieves, but you are also given the opportunity to wisely handle your finances.

3. Don’t Take Security for Granted- a lot of people take personal security and safety for granted. Well in fact; being aware with your surroundings and double checking on your monetary deals keeps you free from misfortune and loss. Always be sure that your personal information is kept confidential and free from prying eyes. You never know when or when an identity thief could strike. So be prepared all the time and don’t keep your guard down.

With all these options in keeping yourself secure and thief-free, we can say that being more prepared gives us an edge in keeping our personal identities safe and guarded. With the right amount of awareness and interest in truly keeping all your savings and monetary treasures safe from unwanted situations, you will surely be able to keep yourself theft-free.

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