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Where Identity Thieves Could Steal One’s Personal Information

By Amanda Randell
Published: Thursday, August 12th, 2010

The internet can make all things possible even the commission of crime. One crime that has dominated the Web is the identity theft.  Just in United States alone, millions of people get victimized each year. While it is true that the government is doing something to stop the thieves from committing more damages, the number of thief cases still increase gradually.

Here is an easy guide that you can follow so for you to know how your personal information are being exposed and how are they used to commit a crime.

In some cases, the criminal is someone that the victim knows of so the crime goes undetected for a long time. It would often be too late when you realize how much damage it has brought you.  aside from our computer, there are some other ways and places where a thief can find some of your most personal and sensitive information like PINS, passwords, account numbers, receipts, bank statements, trash cans and our wallets.

What do we usually bring with us on our wallets? Of course cash, credit and ATM cards and yes most of us are guilty of this- social security card or number. One’s social security number is almost as synonymous us YOU. Almost all of your personal information are indicated in here. Even if you are the most organized person and never had the reputation of losing or misplacing your stuff, it is still better safe than sorry for you would never know when thieves actually attack.

Leave with just the important things with you but of course don’t forget to always carry with you an ID for possible emergency cases but you don’t need to bring all your personal documents with you. Make sure that you keep them at a safe place at home; a place where only you have the access.

As what our moms have always told us before we hop in the school bus, “never talk to strangers.”  Just follow this reminder and you’ll be safe from identity thieves. When you receive a phone call asking for some of your personal information, never ever give in even if they introduce themselves as a representative of a company you have once had a transaction with. This is a classic way of these criminals to fish for your information. 

Aside from a phone call, you too might be receiving some mails from unknown persons or companies to you. They could come in a form of a survey or a form that needs to be filled up. Some could up with a pop up and when you are done supplying the information asked from you, you will be redirected to a site that is legitimate. But too late for in just few minutes, you are not what you are already. Your very own identity had been stolen from you. 

Now that you already know the basic facts on how you could possibly be giving out your information unintentionally, always remind yourself, family and friends to be careful at all times.

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