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Are You Sure You Are Protected From Identity Theft?

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Identity theft is already a big time crime. It is pestering 27,000 people a day and about 5 people already since you started reading this article. It may not be happening to you today. However, you never know when it will strike. The truth is inevitable. You do not know when you are already making moves that jeopardize your identity. Giving personal information away, if not secured properly, shatters your personal identity theft protection.

Majority of the people who have financial accounts do not keep a close eye on their finances. That is the harsh truth. In most cases, people do not care about the credit reports they get thrice a year and never even check one thoroughly. In fact, 97% of the people have checked their credit reports since a couple of years ago! Given the knowledge of hackers and thieves, your identity could have been long stolen already! You would no longer be able to detect if your identity was stolen if it was two years ago!

Oftentimes, people are already victimized when they get to know it. They already have a lot of money in debt because of their ignorance with their stolen identity. Calls would start to come in from agencies and financial institutions asking for payments due to debts. Imagine how depressing that would be to find out. Good credit is now gone. Also, you are left to pay off debts in which you have never benefited from its credit. Majority of these cases are because of not getting identity theft protection.

First of all, do not fret about it. Never panic. It would not solve anything. Your credit liability would be limited to $50 only if it is because of counterfeit expenses. However, you get to waste or energy and money and stress due to all the hassle you would get. It takes a very long time to manage all your problems after identity theft. Most cases take more than years to fix out what was damaged. Imagine the stress and cost of that!

Alert the concerned parties. Number one to inform is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) for the loss. Second stop is the police headquarters for a legal complaint and formal report. The next party is your credit card companies and financial institutions. Inform all of these parties about the loss of your identity and that you are closing all your accounts for good. When the event is being documented, make sure to give all the details of when and where you think your identity was stolen.

Now, you must join an identity theft protection service to prevent this hassle from occurring again. There are myriads of thieves across the globe and you never know when you would be a victim – again. Paying a little amount for protection would in turn save you a lot of money in the long run. Identity theft protection would be able to monitor if there are other identities using your personal accounts. Thus, you are assured of peace of mind.

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