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Beware of Identity Theft! Prevent it before it Hits you!

By Amanda Randell
Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Have you heard of the term called identity theft? Lately, it has been a common crime which is spreading through the internet. We must obtain identity theft protection since it could lead to dangers.

Basically, it is the misuse of an identity by using it when you are not actually that person. From the term’s simplest sense, your identity is being stolen!

Also, this crime can come in many forms. All things that have your name can actually be a prospect of identity theft. Be it your identification cards, credit cards, social security number, etc.

It may sound simple and non-threatening but it is not. In fact, many people continue to suffer because of this crime. It can lead to being blacklisted in legal offices, banned to travel outside of your country, and even spend some time in jail!

Identity theft prevention is a must. Therefore, use these simple tips to protect yourself: 

  • Never carry all the information with you. This means that things which have your identity on must not be brought at all times. Be reasonable on when and where you would bring certain documents or papers which contain your personal information. When there is no important cause to bring certain information with you, leave it at home.
  • Update your antivirus system. Most identity theft crimes occur on the internet. Thus, it is always a must to keep track of your antivirus software’s updates. Majority of the thieves use computer viruses obtained usually through attachments, spam mails, and downloaded applications.
  • Always check your credit reports. You are always entitled to credit reports thrice a year. This comes in once very four months. Checking these reports is a must because you will be able to filter if all the information is correct and you can notify the authorities immediately if you see anything suspicious or wrong.
  • Filter phishing mails. These are emails which make use of the names and logos of different institutions which are not legitimate to transact these processes. These mails often ask you for certain personal information such as your social security number. Never give personal information unless you have confirmed it with the company through phone.
  • Be careful with your PINs. This is always a must since this is very confidential. Your PIN to your accounts must be kept to yourself if you are avoiding identity theft. Make your PIN long but make sure that you will be able to remember it mentally. Choose codes that are significant to you yet thieves would have a hard time figuring it out.
  • Shred discarded personal documents. Never put legal and personal papers in the trash in one piece. This would jeopardize your identity theft protection. Make sure to shred it or tear it to pieces before throwing since thieves may look at your garbage.
  • Insure your identity. Insurance companies offer insurance which would give you identity theft protection. You should avail one. There may be a price, but it would really be beneficial to you.

 Being unable to provide yourself with proper identity theft prevention can lead to disasters. Thus, it is a must to arm you with these tips.

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