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Determine who the possible suspects of your identity theft are

By Amanda Randell
Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Identity theft is perhaps the most infamous crime in the internet. Statistics have shown that identity theft rates are continuously growing for years – even today as you read this article. The average victim rate of this is 1 identity every 3 seconds. Imagine how drastic that is! Computing it, it would result to 27,000 cases of identity theft a day!

This is why it is a must to get identity theft protection. Knowing what to do and what not to do about this is not the sole source of your security. The companies who offer identity theft protection are also inadequate. In order to determine the source of the crime, you must know who are messing up with your identity.

The stereotype of an identity thief has two appearances. The first classic appearance would be a hacker on a computer, visiting and infiltrating sites while getting various identities. These identities would then be deprived of their credit card numbers and then money withdrawals will be done.

The second is a thief who is guarding your mailbox searching for mails that can help him figure out your identity. These may include legal documents, credit reports, and statements of accounts.

These stereotypes are involved in most cases. However, it is not limited to these two stereotypes.

Law enforcers can steal your identity. Being agents of information security, they have access to various databases around the country. They can make use of the data inputted there for their own good. This could be done through connivances with identity thieves and the database guards.

Relatives can also steal your identity. Though this one can be obvious, they really can bring your finances down. Since they can enter your abode freely, they can see the documents and other personal information filled documents. They could use these for their own agendas.

Close friends are also suspects. Just like your relatives, they have access to your home and you trust them. However, it is sad to know that some friends just get blinded by the light of money and put it first before friendship.

The most dangerous groups are identity theft rings. You must exert all your efforts for identity theft protection for these people. These are thieves allied together in order to benefit from their crimes. Often this is a group of around 5 – 10 people. Since they operate in groups, they have more knowledge power and capacities. More often, these thieves are geniuses in hacking and spying.

These people can also ally from different places all over the state or country. They do a lot of scouting which to prey on. If they have to spend on it, they would.

Basically, those people can be suspects. Not all the time they are suspects – but they have the capability of being one. Thus, it is always recommended to have identity theft protection from a reputable company for better assurance of security. Do not reason out that it could be expensive since there are cheap companies who offer protection for even as low as $10 a month!

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