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Effective Means of Reporting and Fixing Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, July 26th, 2010

Children’s innocence and vulnerability is the main target of thieves. It is a fact how children believe everything they see and hear. They do not have the power to discern truth from lies and fantasy from reality. This is the primary reason why children become one of the most common victims of identity theft. Never allow your child to suffer from the abuse of other people. His future lies in your hands as you find ways to have identity theft protection programs guarding his financial information. Securing your child’s identity is ensuring a brighter future for him.

As parents, it is good for you to know that you have the right to secure your child’s credit reports. The three major reporting agencies like Equifax and TransUnion can prepare a copy of your child’s credit reports which you can peruse in order for you to detect instances of fraudulent financial transactions which you and your child are not aware of. By clearing out those transactions, you can screen those which you are aware of and from those which you find questionable. If you think there are unreliable items included in the reports, you can talk to your child about them and have him relay how these were done.

If your child could not identify any of those engagements personally made by him, it is then time to consider the items as unauthorized activities. List down everything which you think are fraudulent entries and send the list to the credit bureaus informing them that your child is a minor and could not be found responsible for such transactions. Write a letter to the three main reporting agencies which contain your request for a fraud alert over your child’s account. This could not automatically delete the questionable items but will definitely stop the culprits from imposing more harm to your child’s name.

As a form of identity theft protection tactic, you can also report the incident to the police department. You will need to accomplish a police report to show the merchants or creditors with whom the transactions are made. This way, you can trace the activities especially the place and the time when they were done. Your accomplished police report will be enough reason for you to request for long term fraud alert for your child’s account. You also need to report the items to the Federal Trade Commission, an agency that takes full responsibility of consumers especially those who are victims of identity stealing and misuse.

Finally, you can go directly to the creditors and the merchants to inform them of the identity theft. You need proofs that your child is not capable of making such transactions. Letting them know this will help you resolve the issue and will hinder the thief from conducting more fraudulent activities.

Your child may not be aware of how things could turn out bad. In this word, parents are the only allies and protectors of children. Inform them of identity theft protection programs and how these work according to their own benefit.

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