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How You Should Act When Your Identity Gets Stolen

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

Identity theft is one of the most fast growing crimes not only in the internet but even in real life. Researches were already conducted and it results to a whopping number of 27,000 victims a day! That is 1 identity stolen every 3 seconds! 

It gets gloomier once you learn that your identity is stolen despite all the identity theft prevention methods you have put to effort. 

However, you must not be down and out after a thief gets hold of your identity. Stay calm, ready yourself, and do these: 

  • Alert the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Tell the FTC that your identity has been stolen and then make the fastest move to cancel all the credit accounts you have so that the thief would have nothing to steal from. File a complaint on the FTC desk.
  • Call the police. Alert the national authority by letting them know your identity was stolen. Make a report of what certain documents and accounts were deprived of your identity. This way, the financial companies holding your accounts along with your identity will be alarmed. Once they are alarmed, they will know that the one who makes deals is not you. Tell them to check if there are creations or renewals of accounts under your name. You should also tell these to your creditors.
  • Inform your creditors. The third thing you must do is that you tell the credit card companies about the crime. This is to ensure that you will be safe from more debts to pay.
  • Check how your identity was stolen. Remember if there are forms in emails, phone calls, or mails that have been sent to you asking for your personal information. After that, be sure to print out a copy of the email sent to you. Show it to the authorities as proof and evidence for your case.
  • Get identity theft protection. After having your identity stolen, it is still a must to get identity theft protection. This comes in with two purposes. Number one is that you would be able to have protection for the future. Once you have recovered from this tragedy, you can have peace of mind. Second purpose is that it could be able to catch your thief. Since the protectors would track down activities which use your identity, then you will have better chances of catching the thief.

Identity theft prevention must still be thought about even after the identity becomes stolen. This is to avoid future cases because there are millions of identity thieves and thief rings. In order to avoid being a victim of the crime again, it is a must to prevent it from happening.

Your identity is vital. Your financial life depends on your identity. This is because all your accounts under your name would be jeopardized once the identity gets stolen. If you do not want to experience financial hardships, arm yourself now. Contact an identity theft protection offering company and avail of their services. It can be as low as $10 a month!

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