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Identity Theft Protection against Prevailing Scams

By Amanda Randell
Published: Monday, January 25th, 2010

Identity theft has been around for a long time now. For so many reasons, a good handful of people are benefitting from using other people’s names, which is why the crime is still very much alive. Sadly, amidst its popularity and the prevalent information the population has against it, there is still a substantial percentage of the populace getting fooled and victimized by the crime.

But what you must remember is that you can do something about it. By arming yourself with the important details and updates about the crime, you can have a chance at identity theft protection.

One of the most important things that you must know, though, is that apart from stealing your personal information, identity thieves devise various ways of actually getting them from you. This may sound a lot scarier, but, it is true, and you must always be prepared into handling such a situation.

A popular scam you must know so you can have a shot at identity theft protection is the jury duty scam. Thieves will call you (as your phone number can easily be accessed on public listings) and pretend that they are court officials who are not so subtly reminding you that you’ve been summoned to be a part of a jury. Once you’ve protested that there was never any summons for you, they will tell you that there’s a warrant for your arrest because you allegedly skipped out on your jury duty.

And here comes the bad part. Once you’re already protesting that you didn’t receive any notice, they’ll ask you of your Social Security number and birth date, so they can cancel your pending warrant of arrest. And if you fall for that, surely, the misery that identity theft can bring you will start to arrive.

You see, one thing that you need to remember for identity theft protection is that thieves love the phone and scams that use intimidation through the telephone have always been around, so never fall for it. Also, always be wary of people asking you about your personal details through the phone, because you can never be sure about these callers.

So, don’t fall for callers who pretend that they’re from this office, especially from court. This is because court workers will never call you about missed jury duty. Also, never believe anyone who calls and says they have an arrest warrant for you, because it’s pure bogus. Keep in mind that it is protocol that warrants should be issued personally, and any warrant cannot be cancelled just by giving out your Social Security number.

What you should do is to not give any information to these callers, one good rule in identity theft protection. Tell them instead that you will just head to their office if they need something from you and settle the matter in person. Remember, in this case of identity theft protection, you should not be intimidated. If you know how the basic things roll, you can’t just be scared by a mysterious caller into giving your personal details up.

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