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Important Things to Know How Identity Theft Occurs

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Despite best efforts of people to manage the flow of their personal information or to keep it to themselves, skilled identity thieves are improving a lot of ways to gain access data to their victim.

How do identity thieves get your personal information? Here are important things you should take note for identity theft prevention.

They get information from businesses firms and other institutions. Thieves would steal records while they’re on the job. They can also bribe an employee who has access to your personal record. They even swindle information out of employees and can hack your records from the computer system of business firms.

These thieves would also steal your mail, including your bank and credit card statements, new checks and tax information.

Watch out for these thieves because they can abuse their employer’s authorized access to your personal records. They would even act as an employer or someone else that have the authority to gain access with personal records of their clients. They do these so that they would get your credit report; bank account statements even Social Security Number.

Identity thieves use threat as their way of getting into your personal information. From simple dumpster diving into your bins, skimming through your credit cards, to changing your address to convert your mail, these people now employ intimidation or risk, just to steal your identity.

They can steal information from you through entering your house. Your houses, where you consider as the safest place you could keep your data, are now becoming their target for stealing your identity.

After identity thieves steal significant information from their victims, how they would use this personal information?

They may call your credit card provider to change the billing address on your credit card account. They would change your address so that they can run a separate account using your name. You would only realize this if report of bills you did not consume where sent to your address.

These people can also open new credit card accounts in your name. They would spend much and do not pay the bills. These bills would be reported on your credit report as delinquent account.

Be careful because they can establish new phone or wireless services through your name. There expenses would be added to your monthly bills which you did not consume.

Identity thieves can also open a bank account using your name. They could write bad checks on that account. You would experience the repercussions of their actions by having bad bank account which you did not do.

Counterfeiting of checks, credit cards or debit cards are also there ways to use your personal information. They can drain your bank account by authorizing electronic transfer through your name.

Even buying new cars using your auto loan can be done by identity thieves. The expenses of buying of new car would then be recorded in your auto loan.

These are the many things identity thieves could do once they have stolen personal information from you. You can have much financial loss and psychological pain as a victim.

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