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Knowing What How to Report Identity Theft Cases

By Amanda Randell
Published: Friday, July 16th, 2010

Identity theft is a serious crime. It may seem to be involving only monetary aspects of a person but the real essence of the crime instills damages that are very hard to deal with and cure. Reputation requires identity theft protection. A ruined named is very difficult to manage as chances of progress and trustworthiness do not come in just a snap of a finger. Anybody is subject to the threats of stealing identity. You can be the next victim and once you have realized that somebody else if taking advantage of your name, the next thing to do is follow the steps on reporting the crime.

Your credit reports are important aspects in detecting possibilities of theft. The credit reports will reveal all financial transactions which are done under your name. if you think some items are questionable and you have gathered enough proofs regarding the items, you can go straight to the police station and be able to relay the issue. On the other hand, your next task is to find the three primary credit bureaus online. You seek for TransUnion, Equifax and Experian and ask them to place a fraud alert into your account. This will not initially identify the thief but will help in stopping him from using your name further.

But reporting the theft incident may not at all be easy. Sometimes, your fear and anger may prevent you from doing things right. Upon discovery of the crime, you can pause for a while and gather all your strength and evidence in order to prove your claim. Unsupported claims are sometimes neglected by financial institutions and may even lead you to failure of filing for charges. Part of your identity theft protection plan would be the securing of details about the fraudulent transaction. You may have to gather information which points directly to your suspected thief or thieves. If you fail to do so, you can always check on the records from the merchants whom the transactions are made with.

You need to have an identity theft lawyer to help you ease out the reporting and filing of charges processes. A lawyer is well-versed in the crime and he should be able to help you organize your claim through pieces of evidence as support. Do not forget the account numbers which involved the compromised credit cards and bank accounts. Your reports should contain them to trace the transactions made.

A vigilant consumer does not only rely on the steps provided by availed identity theft protection programs. He is also able to keep the numbers of the credit bureaus so that in times of reporting, he can dial them at once and be able to report the crime. Immediate action is needed once instances of identity stealing detected. The damages may have been done but you can always do something to stop them from worsening. You cant let your name suffer much more. Know proper authorities and other ways of protecting your financial information.

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