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Medical Identity Theft: A Possible Cause Of Death

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, October 4th, 2009

The act of identity theft is technical defined as taking the place of anyone who is not you and getting benefit from it or causing harm to the person you are imposing to be you. The consequences can range from minor damages to great damages that would give you a hard time in continuing daily life.

One classification of identity theft is medical identity theft. Medical identity theft is a process wherein an impostor uses someone else’s information to obtain drugs or medical care. This kind of identity theft can also be used to adopt a person’s health insurance and prescription of certain drugs.

Medical identity theft has two aspects; it can be for medical or financial purposes. Medical consequences involve the impostor’s health records being fused with yours. This can mean that the impostor can mix your health records and medical history. A victim of medical identity theft can have a history of surgeries which he had never gone through. Medical consequences do not only concern the victim’s past in medical care but also in future diagnosis. An altered medical history will affect the way doctors diagnose you in the future, the false medical history will affect how you will be treated, sedated, or prescribed with. It can even cause you to be given a surgery that you didn’t need in the first place. When all comes to worse, medical consequences can even lead to the victim’s death. The wrong blood transfusion for instance, can be severe for the victim of medical identity theft.

The other aspect of medical identity theft is causing financial consequences for the victim. The surgery, prescription, or hospitalization of the impostor may be in debt and later on will fall on the hands of the victim. Still, medical consequences are harder to fix and they weigh greater than financial consequences.

Identity theft prevention in the medical area concerns for people to be discrete with their personal information. Securing their social security number and consistently checking on their medical records.

A person can also sign up identity theft protection bureaus. This is usually done once a person has already become a victim of medical identity theft. These bureaus will help you in making your records clean. You can file a police report that would instantly investigate on the person committing this crime. A person could also report all suspicious acts that may have something to do with identity theft.

You could also request for history disclosures, these contain all the information you would need for any medical service done. This would heighten the chance of tracking done the impostor. History disclosures are one of a person’s medical rights, you request for them on a certain basis if you suspect that someone is using your information for medical identity theft.

Unfortunately once there is a case of medical identity theft, you cannot undo the changes done on your medical records. You cannot clear your medical history and it takes a hard time to correct them. It is essential for you though to make sure that nothing like this will ever happen again.

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