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Protection from various kinds of Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Saturday, June 28th, 2014

Identity Theft is a serious problem the nation is facing today. It is stealing identity of someone and then pretending to be someone else. It is a fraud and leads to serious cases most of the time. But, the bigger issue is that it is more common among teenagers, college students and kids. The main reason behind it is the over sharing of personal information online with friends.
It is a crime that takes place by stealing your personal details like bank detail, credit card/loaning details, passwords and many more. Any of this stolen information is used definitely in any kind of criminal activity for obvious reasons.

How to get protected

Teenagers are the easiest targets in identity theft cases because they are more active on the Internet. In this segment, we will discuss some ways of protecting these teenagers from involving into any such issue. Make sure your kid is aware of all of them; and yes do not forget to understand them personally.

Never share your personal details like passwords, bank account details or any other such sensitive information. For instance, these days the individuals get paid through electronic money transfer which requires their bank details. In this case you are allowed to share your holder’s name, IFS Code, SWIFT Code, PIN Code, and Bank Branch Name. This information is complete to make an online transaction. But, if the payer asks for any other information like profile password or profile details then it means it is definitely a fraud.

Similarly, such information is related to your credit cards and ATMs like ATM’s Pin Number, Credit/Debit cards security number etc. which should never be shared with anyone.
If in case, the information is shared by you by mistake then do not wait and act quickly. If something is related to the bank like fraud cheques, online banking, ATM Card missing etc., then inform the bank ASAP. They will deactivate all your information from their account related to the particular thing. Then, no one will be able to access it.

The identity theft cases also include deceased person’s stolen identity. In such cases, those individuals who are close relatives of the deceased person suffer from distressing. Mailing Preference Service; Deceased Preference Service and The Bereavement Register are some of the websites that can help you out in the case of deceased person’s stolen identity. They offer some efficient services related to the issue.You can find other information by visiting their website.

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