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Simple ways to avoid identity theft and beef up your protection against it

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, July 10th, 2011

Protecting yourself from baddies out there who try to get at you with stolen information will come from no one else but you. It is all about initiative and preparation in case you may become a target for identity theft. Though you may think that you are perfectly protected, you might be assessing your risks a little less than need and counting your defense chips a little too high. You can never go wrong with adding a little extra step in your protection against identity theft.

Some people who became victims to the crime have not noticed something wrong up until they are harassed by different debt collectors and letters continue to pour in and notifying them that their credit card payments are way overdue. That is when it hits them. Though they don’t actually know how it happened to them, they are surprised at the extent of the damage that identity theft has caused them. Suddenly, jobs are becoming more and more elusive for them. Their applications for various loans and credit cards are being rejected. And even banks are denying their application for a new bank account. Some may even get the worse hit on their life as they find out that their medical privileges are all used up and their privileges are revoked as there are complaints and charges filed against them. Identity theft has truly turned their life upside down.

This can happen to you, too. If you are not careful enough and you become too lax with what is happening around you. That is why it is imperative that you protect yourself from identity theft. How do you do it? Although I can’t say that it’s simple but there are different ways in order for you to adequately guard yourself from those criminals out there.

  • Prevention is always better than cure and that is very much true when it comes to identity theft protection. Keeping your non-public information to yourself can greatly give you significant protection against identity theft. This can be in the form of safekeeping, keeping your mind on your surroundings and avoid being too trusting. Awareness is the key.
  • Checking you credit report and records the whole year round and look at the finest details. Passing up simple errors for just plain errors may prove to be disastrous since identity thieves can purchase different things with your credit card without you even knowing it.
  • Check your mailbox regularly and don’t leave any mail hanging around for too long. One thing that baddies do when they get a hold of your letters is change the mailing address so you won’t find out notices and letter being addressed to you. Again, awareness is the key.
  • Keep clear of shady characters and even suspicious phone calls and emails. I’m not saying that you should be very apprehensive of people calling you or approaching you but its better to be wary rather than being lax. People and email asking for your account number for different purposes are suspicious. Make sure you check their authenticity with the company or branch of government that they claim to be representing.

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