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Stealing Someone Else’s Identity: How and why it’s Done

By Amanda Randell
Published: Saturday, September 5th, 2009

Stealing someone’s identity might not be like actually morphing into someone who looks exactly like them. Identity theft and fraud can be in the form of simply borrowing someone else name, or any name that is not your own and using it for your benefit. Forging access to someone’s personal information and using is also identity theft. It can be defined as any measure take to take the place of another.

Identity theft is usually done for financial benefits. This applies when one steals or finds ways to get a credit card number, social security number, pin passwords that is not theirs. A lot have already been victim to this and some have even reached the extent of bankruptcy.

Identity theft victims are not always based on their financial credibility, anyone can be a victim. Anyone who fails to be careful in giving out personal or secluded information can lead to a stolen or fraud identity. People who steal identities will usually wait around you, it any case, and they will resort to various methods on trying to dig up ways to be you. Ease dropping on phone conversations, especially ones with credit card companies, and hacking into computers or email accounts are several ways of stealing one’s identity. Once someone has gained access to a set of your personal information they could use it for their own plans. A victim of identity theft may even end up having to take responsibility for illegal acts. The kind of identity theft that is defined as posing for someone when apprehended with a crime is known as criminal identity theft.

Being a little discrete in sharing information is one move in identity theft prevention. Making sure that you’re computers and cell phones are guarded from hacking, keeping phone conversations private can also help. Identity theft prevention can also be done through being consistent in checking your accounts, your ID, and records. Make sure that you’re aware of any alerts of suspicious behavior reported.

There is also an option of getting enlisted in an identity theft protection unit. This is usually for people who have high reputations and those who need to protect their names. Identity theft protection companies will usually help in screening mails and letters coming from companies who are not acknowledged. They would update your software for maximum protection from hacking.

You can also contact the companies where you’re signed up for to ask for personal information before you can affirm a transaction. Data like you’re mother’s maiden name and such would be needed before they can process your card will prevent others from using your number. However, in giving out information to companies, make sure that it’s applicable. Including your social security number and telephone number in your bank checks may not really work to your advantage.

It is simply through taking the effort to be a little more careful that will prevent people from being victims of identity theft. This is because a person’s naivety can lead to misfortunate things.

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