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The Trait You Must Have in order to Prevent Identity Theft

By Amanda Randell
Published: Sunday, September 20th, 2009

As a crime, identity theft is the fastest in acquiring infamy. Basically, identity theft leads to many scenarios wherein you would experience severe financial hardships – and soon enough you would hate yourself for not having identity theft protection at all. You can avoid this now.

First of all, what is identity theft? It is a crime wherein a thief would make use of your identity in many crimes. It works by stealing your personal information and then by pretending that the thief is the one whose identity was stolen.

It could affect you gravely on your finances. Number one thing being stolen is your credit card PIN. Other things stolen are your social security number, driver’s license, passport, etc.

The crimes you may be involved in once your identity gets stolen covers a wide range. You can be involved in gun running, smuggling, drug running, human trafficking, terrorism, vehicular accidents and crimes, scams, and a variety of other crimes. All of these crimes can have a direct effect on your money.

You can avoid this. All you have to do is possess the key trait for identity theft prevention. This trait is vigilance.

Basically, vigilance is the main shield of identity theft prevention. You need vigilance in order to determine if you are being stolen of your identity. Be vigilant when you withdraw money. Be vigilant when you make a purchase through a card. Be vigilant when you receive mails and calls asking you of your personal information. Of all the things that could happen to you, it is a must to be vigilant.

Check out the details on the e-mails you receive. Are you addressed by a quote “dear valued customer”? Are the links leading to other websites other than the one being signified? Are the e-mail addresses where it came from do not belong to the provider? These are the questions you must ask yourself when you are vigilant. Therefore, if all the answers on the questions are yes, you just received a phishing mail. It is a form of identity theft. Do not respond to this.

You must be vigilant when receiving phone calls from callers who claim they are from a financial institution or something in which you have an account. Be vigilant whenever you have something to do.

Be vigilant in checking your credit reports. If the company does not provide credit reports, ask for it since you are entitled to free reports. Check if there are errors on your credit report. If you notice some errors with the credits you have made, be sure to see if your identity has been stolen already. Ask your company to help you in determining if the amounts were accurate and how it was summed up to that amount.

When you are expecting real mails (snail mail) to arrive, pick it up from your mailbox as soon as possible. Do not let the thieves get your info there. Also, when throwing away documents, be sure that these were shredded or cut into pieces so that the thieves would not be able to get information from it. Prevention is better than cure; so make sure to be vigilant for identity theft prevention.

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