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What are the Tell Tale Signs of Identity theft?

By Amanda Randell
Published: Thursday, February 25th, 2010

What are the tell tale signs of identity theft and what is the proper way for identity theft prevention? In an age where computer recognizes a person more by his or her Social Security number and credit card number over facial features, many of us know next to nothing of what to do if we do become a victim of identity theft. There are many trends in identity theft nowadays that we as individuals cannot keep track of all of them. In an age where technology now surpasses the comprehension of the average person, there are many things that we do without knowing what we are getting into. Learning these things can be the first step in identity theft prevention.

In order to know how to protect you from identity theft, we must first understand the telltale signs of it. Below are a few scenarios that could mean that you are possible being targeted for identity theft.


  • You are being approved or denied of a number of credit accounts that you to your knowledge, never filed for.
  • You are being billed for tings that you never purchased
  • A number of credit card reports and statements fail to be delivered to your house
  • Collection agencies collect money from an account that they claim to be yours even if you never opened one.

If you experience one or more of these scenarios, it is possible that you are being targeted for identity theft. Many of these scenarios point at different trends in identity theft. Some of these people scour your mail boxes or even trash cans for your credit bills in order to salvage some crucial information that will allow them to hack into your accounts. Once they get access to your account, they first deplete your existing accounts by withdrawing all there is and maximizing your credit limit. But it doesn’t stop just there.

With a little bit of information like your Social Security Number or credit number, an identity thief can do great damage to you financially because they don’t only clear your existing account clean, they also create new accounts in their place in order to gain more credit. Without proper identity theft prevention, this could bury you in debt in a matter of days.

Identity theft is a crime that relies on obscurity to succeed. But identity theft prevention is still possible to do before things run out of control. If you feel that you have become a target of identity theft, always take the time to investigate. Try and report your situation to your credit card company as soon as possible in order for them to make an identity theft check. Also, you should close all accounts that you feel have been targeted in order to prevent further damage.

If possible change your email accounts or passwords or use a temporary one just in case your email is targeted. Identity theft prevention is like protecting your house against thieves. If you feel that your house has been breached, the first thing that many people do is change the locks on their door.  If you take proper precaution and proper control, you can make sure that you won’t be taken advantage of.

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