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Why do identity thieves target teenagers?

By Amanda Randell
Published: Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

What do identity thieves try to steal? Identity thieves steal your identity. In the Unites States (US), each citizen born into the country gets assigned a unique Social Security Number (SSN). All you need is to give this number so you can prove that you are you. So when you’re thinking about identity theft prevention, all you need to do is to watch over your SSN vigilantly.

What else is so important about the SSN? Well, this number is not just like any number. Both the companies and the government use that to keep track of your activities—with a special emphasis on your credit record. The reason why identity theft is so effective is because of the efficiency of the SSN system.

Like any skeleton key, if you have the SSN, you can unlock all the details of a person’s life. As a regular citizen, you can make use of your SSN to apply for government benefits, use it to apply for jobs, loans, credit cards and bank accounts.

Now, why would you need to provide identity theft protection to your teenage child? Well, the reason why identity thieves like to target teenagers is because it would take years before parents or the teen himself can detect that your child’s identity has been taken.

The logic behind this is simple: adults often engage in transactions. These transactions mean that there is already someone keeping record of the activities of this person. On the other hand, teenagers don’t have any need for their SSN other than to apply for college loans and driving permits.

More importantly, these teenagers do not have credit ratings just yet. After all, the credit rating sits unused until the teen is able to apply for a credit card. Now, this makes them vulnerable to identity theft. Protection must be set up for the child immediately. After all, the thief can make use of the teen’s SSN and apply for a credit card.

When that happens, the thief will abuse the credit limit and refuse to pay. When this goes on the credit rating records, your teenage child will find that most financing companies will refuse to give them loans. This includes loans for college education. Even worse, job opportunities may be lost to your child if you let the thieves go too far.

This is why identity theft prevention is very important. These criminals can seriously damage your child’s future. And by the time that you realize the mistake that has happened, it would most probably be too late.

Start identity theft prevention early for your child and your loved ones. You can start by protecting the following information:

  • Name
  • Address
  • Driver’s License Number
  • Student ID Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Credit Card Number
  • Mother’s maiden name

Any of this information could be the key to retrieving more vital information about your teenager. Therefore, you should sternly caution your child to not be careless about the information listed above.

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