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Find the best credit report, credit score and identity theft protection reviews in the market today. See your credit reports in seconds from major credit reporting sites. Do quick credit checks, fight against identity theft, and file disputes online. Select the best offer from the list below.

2021 Credit Report Service Reviews

2021 Credit Score Service Reviews

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Credit reporting agencies help people by providing them necessary information which they need in transactions involving debt and credit. Consumers, employers, and lenders all need their services in making the right decision. They monitor the credit activities as well as the debt management of consumers. They compile their files so consumers can retrieve them anytime they want.

These agencies record your address, employment history, income, and other personal details. They likewise record the banks and lending companies where you have borrowed money from. They also include how well you have met your obligations to these creditors. The most important service they give you is the free credit report which you can access for fee every year. You can have it by requesting for it online, via phone, or through mail.

If you apply for a loan, the creditor studies your credit report which they obtain from these agencies. You will know who made inquiries in your account since it is part of the bureaus' responsibility to record such inquiries.

The sole function of agencies is to collect and follow the reports. They are not to be blamed if an application for a loan is denied. The creditor has complete authority to whom he will grant loan. If you think you are denied a loan application because of inaccurate information, it is your right as a consumer to dispute it. It is the responsibility of the agencies to search for correct information and fix inaccuracies after conducting an investigation.

A credit repair company can help you out if you have problems with inaccuracies in the bureaus. They can guide you in writing letters, which is the recommended method of communicating with reporting agencies. These companies can correct all the errors, allowing you to get a loan at the best interest rates. Mortgage companies and employers can also avail the services of the bureaus before they decide to whom they are going to give the loan or job.

You may also request credit reporting agencies to keep track of your account with them to prevent any fraudulent items from accumulating. This prevents identity theft and the loss of a lot of money.