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LifeLock Identity Theft Protection Review

Price Type Credit Reports Delivered Fraud Monitoring ID Theft Insurance/ Guarantee
Free 30 day trial; $9.00/mo or $99.00/yr Prevention - sets and renews fraud alerts 1 3-bureau credit report each year Credit card, social security, driver's license, address change $1,000,000 Total Service Guarantee

LifeLock The main mechanism employed by fraud prevention services is in the setting up of fraud alert settings. With these settings implemented, the 3 major credit bureaus, namely Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, send notifications to credit cardholders before new credit is issued under their names. This is exactly what LifeLock Identity Theft Protection is all about.

The primary aim of LifeLock is to protect the identities of their clients. Not only that, LifeLock also offers protection fro child identity theft, a crime that is growing faster than identity theft against adults. LifeLock's mechanism involves the installation and maintenance of fraud alerts for your data held by the 3 bureaus. With these fraud alerts set up, banks and other credit issuing institutions are mandated by law to contact you before new accounts under your name can be opened. Moreover, these fraud alerts do not affect your credit rating or score in any way at all. This would be regarded as just additional protection for your own good.

Another great feature of LifeLock is that they reduce offers of pre-approved credit as well as junk mail that involves the use of your name. Without these circulating the circuit, the chances of your identity being stolen would be reduced significantly.

WalletLock is one of the recent features introduced by LifeLock, which is another excellent one deemed by its many clients. In case your wallet is stolen, all you need to do is contact a WalletLock specialist in LifeLock. The same specialist will then be the one to contact all of your credit card companies, as well as your banks and other companies issuing pertinent documents that are stored in your stolen wallet. The affected accounts will then be canceled and the necessary paperwork and documents that you are supposed to file and fill out will then be processed as well. Not only will your credit and debit cards be worked for replacement by your WalletLock specialist, but your social security card, checkbook, driver's license, insurance cards, and even your traveler's checks will be processed as well. Best of all, there are no additional charges entailed in this service, giving you more value for your money.

LifeLock also has two new services in their packages, namely eRecon and TrueAddress. eRecon monitors any black market activity on the internet that involves your financials like credit card numbers, social security number, driver's license, even your email address. TrueAddress, on the other hand, sends you a notification in case your address undergoes any changes in any of the national databases. The changing of physical address is deemed as a common tactic of identity thieves so LifeLock makes sure to check that out for you.

LifeLock offers coverage worth $1,000,000 for recovery just in case you become one of the victims of identity thieves in the market. LifeLock has a lot of faith in the efficiency and reliability of their system that they are willing to offer that much for recovery and protection to their clients.

LifeLock offers support 24/7 where you can call for any problems or queries. Known as a pioneer in the industry, LifeLock offers indeed one of the best packages in identity theft protection.