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TrustedID Identity Theft Protection Review

Price Type Credit Reports Delivered Fraud Monitoring ID Theft Insurance/ Guarantee
Free 30 day trial; $8.50/mo or $84/yr individual; $16.99/mo or $161.49/yr family Prevention - Assists in setting and renewing fraud alerts, fraud monitoring, medical record protection 1 3-bureau credit report each year Credit cards, public records, social security, bank accounts, medical records $1,000,000

TrustedID TrustedID is actually one of the most efficient identity theft prevention services in the market today. One great thing about TrustedID is the fact that their interface is extremely simple to use. In fact, no user has reported having any trouble setting up his or her own fraud alerts online, especially with Equifax. Moreover, as soon as your fraud alerts with Equifax are up and running, Equifax will then be the one to notify the other major credit bureaus, namely Experian and TransUnion. This is a trusted service that TrustedID does for you and the rest of their clients.

Your fraud alert settings will need to be changed or renewed after a period of 90 days. No worries about forgetting to renew your settings because TrustedID sends email notifications to remind their clients to reset their settings. And the good thing about this is that the notifications are sent way before the settings relapse so you are sure to have ample time to renew them. You may think that setting your fraud alerts might lead to a delay of your credit application process, which is highly likely. However, think of this as just a small price to pay towards the successful prevention of identity theft, thereby providing you the protection you deserve. In the end, the short wait will not really hurt your credit score that much. It would not even damage your chances of getting credit at all.

Another great thing about TrustedID is that its monitoring service starts the very moment you take on their offer. Your card number would then be used to process your order. No worries if you have several active credit cards because you can also add them all to your TrustedID account.

The primary aim of TrustedID is to monitor the black market on the web, immediately sending you alerts of any suspicious activity or activities that concern any of your credit card numbers. Usually, suspicious activity here would involve buying and selling of credit card numbers so if TrustedID detects any buying or selling of your financials, then you are immediately sent an alert.

More than that, TrustedID monitors your public records, especially the ones found on the internet, for any changes and discrepancies involving your name, your address, and your social security number. An added service that TrustedID can boast of, which is not found in any of the packages prepared by other services, is that they also provide medical record protection. As long as you authorize TrustedID, they then request access to your medical benefit history from all of your providers, to make sure no other party is receiving benefits using your name. This added service does not just stop there because TrustedID continues to make sure no fraudulent medical transactions are carried out using your medical records.

When it comes to warranty, TrustedID gives you coverage worth $1,000,000, to help recover just in case you do fall victim to identity theft. TrustedID is willing to shell out that much money in recovery because they have much faith in their foolproof system. With TrustedID, you are sure to get maximum value for your money.