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Identity Theft Archive for December, 2010

  • Benefits and drawbacks of a good credit score

    by admin

    As most of us┬áhave already know, credit score is a three digit number that is very important in our daily life. It affects so many things and what most people focus on is being able to maintain a good credit score. Now, why do people want this? What are the … (more) December 10, 2010

  • Why we need to manage your debts

    by admin

    There are times in our lives when simple budgeting does not help us in managing our finances. Even when we do our best, our debts seem to grow bigger and bigger. Credit card companies and lending firms give us demand letters and harassing phone calls. What should we do? We … (more) December 6, 2010

  • Drowning in debt? debt management help is the answer!

    by admin

    Managing our debts is not an easy task but we have to do it. Settling debts is not a matter of choice but rather a responsibility. If you have multiple bills and you do not know how to manage them effectively or want to lower the rate of interest on … (more) December 2, 2010