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Your pet’s name can lead to identity theft

By admin
Published: Sunday, December 26th, 2010

Identity theft is now very rampant not only on the Internet but in the credit card industry as well. It is a crime wherein a person steals important personal information details such as driver’s license number or Social Security number in order for him or her to pretend to be someone else. The usual purpose of people who are involved in identity theft is to purchase merchandise, obtain credit and services under the victim’s name. it may also be used to move from one country to another. The biggest problem about this is that the victim pays fro everything the criminal has purchased under his or her name. There are also times when crimes committed by the criminal will directly be blamed on the victim. We are no longer safe in this world and it is very important for us to be cautious.

For example, there a lot of social websites like Facebook, Multiply, and Twitter which can be accessed easily by anyone. It is not wise to put personal information on these sites because it will be dangerous on your part.   Even your cell phone number should not be posted on social websites.  Easy access to your mobile number makes it very easy for criminals to call you and pretend that they are from a credit card company then ask for your complete identification. This will obviously lead to trouble. It may even give them the chance to have access to your personal bank accounts and credit cards.

The internet is an identity thief’s best friend. If he or she has great knowledge on technology, he can go through you personal financial files and can even find a way to withdraw all of your money. This is actually a tiny problem compared to having your whole identity stolen. We call this true identity theft. This would allow the criminal to engage in some activities using your name and personal information. He or she may open credit card accounts. If loans are not paid in time, it is you who is at stake. According to experts, we should never reply to snail mails or even emails that are requesting for our PINs or passwords. If you noticed, when we open accounts of any kind, the verification question is usually about our mother’s maiden name, our favorite color and even our pet’s name. it would be wise not to give away these information as well.

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