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If you did not have a chance to check out your credit report or rating, then it is about time that you do. offers free comparison and credit monitoring services to help you choose the best service that suits your needs.

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Comparing and Understanding the Basics of Credit Reports

If you are planning on taking out a loan, then it is advisable that you obtain an updated copy of your credit report before filing an application. A financial report is essential to help lenders decide whether you would be a good client or not. Your credit score is essential in determining whether your loan gets approved since this shows your responsibility in borrowing credit.

Having knowledge of your credit score can help you determine the best time to apply for a loan. The three major credit bureaus, Equifax, TransUnion, and Experian compile your financial information and obtain your FICO score from your financial data and habits. Each one can present a different score, so it will be a good idea to compare your scores you received from each of them. Other than that, since most companies do not give out FICO scores for free, you can use your score to compare how each company would respond, thus showing their characteristics. With that you may be able to find the right company who does offer free evaluation of scores.

Obtaining a comparison chart is easy since it is available online. You can easily have a chart generated from comparison companies like Identity Guard, CreditCheck Total, Equifax, Privacy Matters 123, and FreeCreditReport. All of these companies will provide a credit report free of charge. As you can see, out of the three major credit bureaus, only Equifax offers a credit report as well as a credit score. is one website that allows you to compare credit report services that are in the market today. It helps you find the right service to take advantage of and meets your requirements perfectly. It will also help solve all the credit report queries you might have by leading you to the right credit reporting company.