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Credit Report Comparison Chart - Compare All Credit Report Services

Credit reports, credit scores, and even credit monitoring services are offered in countless ways. The problem is that most companies offer the same services, but package them differently. offers a comparison of features and information presented at the best price by leading credit companies.

Service Provider Credit Reports & Scores Free Trial & Monthly Fee Bureaus Monitored Important Rating Free Experian credit report and scores Free 7 - day trial; $14.95/mo All three bureaus Unlimited free Experian credit reports and scores; monitors 3 bureaus 5 Stars

Getting the Best Credit Reporting Service that You Deserve

Many companies make a fortune by providing credit reporting services. It is only natural that you pay them because they do not get the information you need for free. But the thing is you do not have to settle for an average company if you can have the best. Before reading the tips on finding the best credit reporting company, you must know first why you really have to check on your credit report.

Checking your report allows you which aspects of your debt management need improvement. It lets you know about delinquent payments, which you may not be aware of. It also helps you get the best deal of any loan by letting you know if your credit needs fixing before you apply for one. More importantly, it keeps you from being a victim of identity theft which robs 10 million Americans each year. You should not worry about checking on your own report too frequently since it will not hurt your credit score at all. Only repeated inquiries from third parties may hurt your score.

The Best Service for You

Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion are the major privately-owned companies which offer credit reporting services. Experian offers the service at $39.95 while Equifax and TransUnion both have theirs at $29.95. But you can get free credit reports from all three bureaus at It is a government-sponsored site which is operated by the major credit reporting agencies.

There are also websites that provide reporting services with a fee. An example of these sites is, which offers instant delivery of credit reports and scores from all three major bureaus.

Given the options, you now have the prerogative to choose among the different services. You must consider your needs and capability among other factors to get the right company for you.