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Identity Theft Comparison Chart - Compare All Identity Theft Services is designed to raise awareness among consumers about the crime of identity theft. Armed with this knowledge, you can avoid the trap or fight it should you fall as one of its victims. A wide array of choices from reputable identity theft protection companies are offered below. Choose only the best service you need with a reasonable price.

Service Provider Price Type Credit Reports Delivered Fraud Monitoring ID Theft Insurance/ Guarantee  
Experian IdentityWorks FREE for 30 days, then just $19.99 /month* Fraud detection, protection and resolution 3-Bureau Credit Monitoring and Alerts financial account takeover, social security number, change of address, court records and booking, non-credit loan, sex offender registry Up to $1 Million Identity Theft Insurance

How do I Choose the Right Identity Theft Protection Service?

Information is very essential in choosing the best identity theft protection services. You must know well about the crime and how you can protect yourself against it. Every type of fraud can be committed against you once your identity is stolen. Criminals will use all your identifying information to make you responsible for anything they commit.

When choosing a company that will protect you, it is best that you compare the price and the quality of services being offered. Theft protection service providers prefer to charge consumers according to their level of risk. The kind of identity theft coverage that insurance companies offer depends on its suitability to clients.

When you realize that someone stole your identity, you must report it to the authorities right away. Here in the United States, it is the Federal Trade Commission that handles such cases. Upon receiving your report, they immediately inform other agencies about it. Then they establish an inquest into your claim and conduct further investigation. You can personally protect yourself from these crimes by communicating with the proper authorities.

When dealing with insurance companies that offer theft protection, be sure to know the contract in full. Check if there are additional or hidden charges before you reach the point where you can no longer cancel the deal. An insurance company is good if it offers to cover even the debts you accumulated because of the fraud committed against you.

You must keep in mind though that theft protection services do not permanently fix your problems. It cannot fix your other records such as your credit card history. You have to find ways to do so, using the assistance that these theft protection companies offer.

The average cost of theft protection insurance is $1,000. Although it does not go beyond that, many people still find it very expensive. But you need to know that every cent will help you keep the identity that belongs to you.