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By Janet Lacey
Published: Monday, November 1st, 2010

Performing self identity theft checks can be the most practical and easiest way to safeguard against identity theft.

The process of identity theft has been changing over time. Before the dawn of the internet, people relied on their cunning and wits to perform acts of identity theft. The film of Leonardo De Caprio and tom Hanks titled “Catch Me if you can”, is a classic example of identity theft. In the film, Leonardo de Caprio plays a cunning young man who used his wits to gain different identities. As the film progresses, you will see Leonardo de Caprio’s character become a doctor, a pilot, a lawyer as he assumes different identities. The film is actually based on a true story.

 The internet allows almost anyone to do as they please without the fear of being caught. The internet is a good tool, but if used by the wrong hands, it can be dangerous. Many crimes can be committed from thousands of miles away because of the internet. One crime, which is identity theft, is on the rise because of this.

Identity theft can be defined as a criminal act where one uses the personal information of another, usually obtained without their consent, for personal gain. The internet is filled with potential thieves just waiting for you to make a mistake of giving too much information about yourself.

Performing a self theft check can be your best bet in combating this crime. This is because no one knows you better than you know yourself. So if you notice anything suspicious going on with your accounts and credit reports, you can act on them immediately.  The internet allows you to do an theft check at the comfort of your own home. Many banks and credit companies now offer the option of having an online credit report allowing you to check different bills at any moment without the fear them being stolen.

Performing identity theft checks regularly can help in keeping identity thieves at bay.   The best way to do this is to always be careful when handling personal information about you. Always take care of this information like how you would take care of the keys to your home. In this day and age, your personal information can open up more doors than you think. We should always take care of our personal belongings and that includes our personal information.

Another precaution is to diversify your passwords. One password for every account is like holding one key to open every door. The convenience of this does not outweigh its risk for if someone gets a hold of one password, he has them all. Many people use passwords that can easily be remembered. The problem here is that your password strength may not be that high. You can improve your password strength by mixing a combination of numbers and symbols while alternating from lower case to upper case letters. With this you can guarantee that your password will be strong.

There are many other ways of preventing this crime. But performing self identity theft checks is the most effective not to mention easiest way to do it.

Some websites such as can offer you your online credit report for free. It gives invaluable advice on identity theft protection and helps you battle credit identity theft.

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