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Why is Identity Theft Awareness Relevant?

By Janet Lacey
Published: Tuesday, November 16th, 2010

This article discusses some reasons why it is important to get educated with identity theft.

Identity theft is a serious crime that is spreading fast all around the globe. There is no escaping it since the thieves target anyone they can get their hands on. Even the wealthiest and powerful people have become victims to this crime, though it should be no problem for them since they are wealthy. The people who are hit the hardest are those victims in the lower levels of the status quo; therefore, awareness of this crime should be spread in order to counter it’s effects or to prepare for possible attacks.

Identity theft awareness is relevant because there is no clear-cut way of avoiding this crime. It strikes anyone without a warning nor a sign of attack. Sometimes, victims will only realize their situations when debt collectors start to call them for unpaid dues. Preparation is a good way to go but still, there is no guarantee of fast recovery from this crime.

In order to carry out this crime, identity thieves will have to acquire relevant information regarding a victim. His complete name, address and birth date could be enough but salient information that deals greater damage to the victim are Social Security Numbers, credit card numbers and driver’s license. Probably the most sensitive information that a thief can acquire are a victim’s Personal identification numbers and passwords. These are just some of your personal information that you need to protect.

When a thief gets hold of these important information, he now proceeds to manipulate your finances. He could apply for new bank accounts, loans or mortgages, open electric or utility accounts or he could use up your credit limit. He could also use your medical insurance. Worst thing he can do is to use your name in place of his in police reports so that you will be the one to be sought for arrest.

There are a lot of things an identity thief could do with your personal information and all these will show in your credit reports. Your credit reports are like records of your financial activities. It shows your current accounts, newly opened accounts, your credit or debts and your payments to these debts. In short, it encompasses all your important information so that it is used by creditors or financial institutions, employers, landlords, cellphone and utility companies in order to assess you and your reputation.

Therefore, it is important to keep a good credit record but when you become a victim of identity theft, it is inevitable for your reports to be altered to the negative side. This only means that regular monitoring of your credit reports is relevant in order to detect identity theft and to apply for corrections of errors early. The earlier you apply for corrections, the greater chance for them to be removed from your reports right away. It is said that some negative information stays in your reports for years.

Identity theft is the worst thing that could happen to anyone. Since there is no definite way of protecting yourself from this crime, it is relevant to keep yourself aware and on guard always.

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