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How Your Credit Affects Your Employment

By Andy Snyder
Published: Monday, October 5th, 2009

As what most people say, your credit report reflects how you handle your finances. This is also why some see it as a way to assess your trustworthiness and creditworthiness, as a spotless report always indicates that a person keeps to his word and gives back what he owes.

So, it is not exactly surprising why a growing number of employers are also using your credit report in assessing your person. Serving as an additional tool for checking your background, a credit report is really one of the handiest documents that can determine your employment.

However, this does not mean that your low credit score would necessarily affect your chances at getting employed. As there are laws that could protect you from such discrimination, you should always keep in mind the credit report advice that your approval is necessary before a company can acquire a copy of your credit report. They are also prohibited from firing a person just because they have filed for bankruptcy or have low credit scores. So unless you’re looking into applying for a sensitive position like in chemical, defense, financial and pharmaceutical services, you should not worry much.

But this still can’t guarantee that employers will really stop using your credit report as a large factor in hiring you. Some will still continue to consider your credit history as a factor in hiring you. This is why the credit report advice of keeping a good credit score is still a huge plus when looking for employment. It is basically a good basis on your capabilities and personal integrity and it has also been proven by studies that by hiring people with good credit history lessen the instances of office theft.

So, here comes the question of what to do when your credit report has already been used as a tool in discriminating you from getting the job. First of all, what you must know is that you could have avoided the situation if you have followed the sound credit report advice of regularly reviewing your report for errors and issues.

Another thing that you must always remember, though, is that if your credit report was used in not hiring or firing you, your employer must inform you that they did use the report as a factor in the adverse action. They should also provide the name of the credit bureau that has provided them with the report, so you can check the document for yourself and give you an opportunity to dispute any available error. You must also keep this credit report advice that if the company has neglected to do any of these, they definitely violated federal laws, and you should report the incident to the authorities.

Nonetheless, it is still the best to follow the wise credit report advice of keeping on top of your debts at all times so you wouldn’t need to be bothered by such troubles and complications in the future. This way, you can live worry free and get whatever you need easily.

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