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FTC warns public from malware attacks

By Faye Mergel
Published: Saturday, November 27th, 2010

05One of the ongoing problems of the US government is the recurring issues on ID and credit card theft. From January 1, 2005 up to the present, there are around 540 million cases of such crime according to Federal Trade Commission or FTC. This figure includes both businesses and common households. 540 million victims is an alarming number. 393 of these cases are due to inflicted malware and virus inflicted onto someone’s computer system. Just in America alone, there are about one billion dollars of cash wired out from the country due to ID theft. And worse is that they weren’t recovered.

This news of course is not something very shocking anymore. Experts agree that such crime could have been prevented if only consumers are able to install the right protection for their system. It had been reported that people with a reliable security protection will be safe from any ID theft attack for the next two years. Victims of credit card scams alone reached up to one hundred million. With the alarming incidents of theft and scams, the public is encouraged to get the proper security protection for their computer and a reliable credit monitoring service at the same time. With the use of credit monitoring, consumers are warned and can take action before damages can even take place.

There is an eighty percent probability of found errors on the consumers’ credit report while it will only be around four percent for those who use a credit monitoring system. 99.2 percent of consumers are warned of a possible theft attack thus making them more ready; sparing them from any serious credit damage.

Credit experts continue to advise and encourage the consumers to realize the need of getting more careful with their credit. One billion dollars out from American pockets each year is a big money while it will only cost you few bucks to get protected; sometimes you can get them as low as fifty dollars.

With the weak economy and the millions of lurking thieves, it is important that we get more careful in every transaction we make. Keep passwords safe, have a safe place for your personal data, don’t give out any personal and important information and above all get security; these are the steps the experts advise the consuming public to spare them from any fraud that may cause them a few to thousands of bucks.

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