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US military releases details on data breach

By Faye Mergel
Published: Wednesday, November 17th, 2010

16The US Military has reported on Wednesday, November 3, 2010 of the most damaging breach that ever took place in the history of the nation. The said major breach happened during one of the operations of the military in the Middle East in the year 2008. During an operation, it had been said that a USB device had been used in one of the Military computer ports by someone who has a malicious intention with the Military files.

According to the Military Spokesperson, the USB device had been utilized to inflict one of the computer servers in the Military base with Malware programs. After the said infection into the server, several of the computers belonging to he same network started to get infected with the malware exposing loads of files and data of the Military both personal and non-confidential. This incident is a clear truth that even the most secured computer systems can be attacked by malware. The worse thing about the news is that until now, the Military still ha no idea as to who could have done it.

With the statistics given by the US Military, there are around one hundred Malware and Virus attacks trying to get through the US government files and data and the scary and alarming part is that such attacks become successful. Breaches are successfully committed despite the security measures imposed.

This goes without saying that whatever  type of security protection you have and no matter how strict and effective you think they are, data breach experts will always find their way to get through your system and steal anything they think could be of their advantage.

In case you run a business where data should strictly be kept protected, you always should make sure to have a reliable security protection system. Having a good security system should be coupled with having some immediate contingency plans n the event that data breach may take place. There are up to 400 businesses in the US alone which suffer from data breach and this figure takes place in a daily basis. Basing on the statistics, loss of data through computer attacks is really tremendous.

Experts then warn each and every business to be more careful. They advise that services from credit monitoring agencies should be used so you can have a closer look on each and every transaction; taking place and get notified when possible breach or fraud is about to occur.

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