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Can Married Couples Get A Single Credit Monitoring Report?

By Derek Brown
Published: Tuesday, October 12th, 2010

Married couples are obliged to file and request for separate credit report. While there may be some similar information on both accounts there would be some differences like the credit history and previous employers.  It is important that you get your credit monitored so you can stop any fraud before they even do damages on your account. Identity thieves use some sophisticated ways in adding their name on your account and you’ll end up paying for things you haven’t used or maybe having a lot of hard hits which is truly a bad thing for your credit report.

This is a common issue on married couples but the sad fact is that there aren’t still no companies that have designed a program for families or even discounts to couples who wanted to use a credit monitoring service. If you can’ find any way to have discounts then maybe you can try the trial promo of most credit monitoring companies. For a certain period of time, you can enjoy the free service of receiving regular updates on the flow of your credit report. Should you find it helpful then you can continue the service without even notifying them. But remember the date when the trial should end so just in case you don’t feel the need of a credit monitoring service then you can call them and cancel the service. Credit monitoring companies don’t call the customers when trial period ends so you would not be billed for it.  Companies could be that tricky at times.

Now, when you find some errors on your credit report, you have all the freedom to make a dispute. Write a request letter addressed to the credit bureau where you found the inaccuracies. Once the credit bureau cannot present some justifications of why such errors are on your credit report entry then they have to delete it without any questions asked.

A lot of people do not really see the real importance of the close monitoring of their credit. But for people who had been once victims of identity theft then they would strongly recommend that you get one. Errors which were the result of your own acts of omission and commission and those done by the thieves stays on your report for seven years and when not corrected will them be a red flag for you. By the time you badly needed a loan or a credit card; you will have thin to mo chances of getting an approval.

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